Ducati Treasured Engines

GP125 L4

1973 Ducati GP500/Armaroli

The 500cc belt drive DOHC 4-valve bike that was designed by the Armaroli company. It was based on the earlier bevel drive version.

1971? 1973? L3

Here is the engine ordered by Ducati to Ricardo in 1971 to try to beat the powerful 500 MV's. In spite of its innovating technical solutions, the first tests will reveal an alarming fragility and the project was quickly abandoned. Ducati will then prefer to concentrate its forces on the twin-cylinders in L, which had shown their capacities. The prototype 3-cylinder 350 grand prix dual camshaft and injection designed by Ricardo in England in 1973: a failure remained unanswered due to the disappointing performance a different engine 3 cylinder prototype turned Ducati in 1976: a 750 (74 x 57.8 mm) single camshaft desmo twin spark totally handcrafted built housings kawasaki 750 two-stroke special crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons 250 single cylinder. This engine produced 116 hp at the crankshaft heyday where engineers had a fun time! Built by Mazzanti, and Cavazzi Farnティ there are still Cavazzi Piero was preserved.

Super-charged Pantah

Bevel 4valve - Super Mono

Cylinder DOHC 4-valve non desmo twins for bevel, Taglioni has never desmo 4 valves, for he has made 窶銀€蟻gainst other 4-valve cylinder head with a single camshaft for the 750 super sport. single-cylinder 500 desmo totally different from 450, housings and special provioires rear cylinder 900, 52 hp at 9000 rpm wheel. Previously, Taglioni was tested on another 500 GP 4-valve cylinder single overhead cam dual admission during qu'Armaroli develop a four-valve double overhead camshaft toothed belt ... About the 500 GP question remains: why Taglioni he chose two heads and four valves non-desmo while single-cylinder desmo existed? Especially since he said that 4 valves brought a slight increase in power at the expense of flexibility and reliability. It was a bit true then for air cooled engines but the angle between the cylinder valve was too great. It should have been a 4-valve desmo valve with an angle of 40 ツー, Bordi did in 78 but Taglioni did not want ...


Pantah V4 - 1

Pantah V4 - 2

Pantah V4 - 3




1960 OSCA V8 designed by Fabio Taglioni

1500cc V8 for F1 (never fitted in a chassis)

MOTO GUZZI Treasured Engines

MOTO GUZZI - Prototype


http://www.motoitaliane.it/bicilindrica/mas12.html Water, earth and sky Introduced the Mas12, the first special with motor Guzzi cooled to liquid Of Gianmarco Mirabile This time the Motion Guzzi Club of Mandello of the Lario has made the things in great. His/her president, Stephen Bonacina, is not allowed to escape the occasion to introduce the first Motorbike to the public Guzzi cooled to liquid ready run. Appointment Saturday 19 June at 15:00 o'clock in I Lick city, near the Commercial Center You Sundial. In the great shop turned to "great classroom" under a red cloth it is hidden her, the MAS 12, a motorbike built in less than three months and a half by a Team composed by three crazy person how much genial characters. Crazy because to embark in a project of the kind would have made to pass the desire to many before beginning, genial because before you/they had only thought of them us Gennari and Gattuso in 1997. Meme, to the century Emanuele Zappa, Anthony Tentorio and Sam Sardi are the principal members of the Mandello Racing Team, the detachment corsaiolo of the Motion Guzzi Club of Mandello of the Lario. To them three the worth of the planning and realization of this prototype. The idea to cool with the radiator the thermal group Guzzi, as we said, it is not unpublished. In 1996, Gennari and Gattuso, wanting to participate in the runs BOT (Battle Of Twins) that with the rule since that time it benefited the bicilindriches four valves cooled to liquid, they were ventured in the handicraft development of a prototype that unfortunately he/she was such. Their center to Verolanuova, in the bresciano, he/she saw the installation in cylinders and headings four valves of ducts for the passage of the refrigerant liquid over that of many other particular autocostruiti. Unfortunately for them, the motorbike was ready to compete in the championship Supertwins of the '98, really in concomitance of the change of rule that of done it penalized the heads to four rather than to two valves. The prototype came therefore abandoned. Today, to distance of years, the technical rule of the championship Supertwins changes here again for the four valves with transmission cardanica and eccoci to speak of the MAS 12. The purpose this time, however, is that not to stay to the alone phase of prototype, but to create a mean that knows how to oppose the strapotere Dukedoms (what for rule, as it regards the 4 valves, you/he/she cannot exploit completely the command desmodromico of the valves). In sight of a competitive use therefore, every detail has been studied for velocizzare the operations of dismantlement and maintenance of the components. The forcellone, realized for example longer (510 mms), to improve the traction in exit of curve, you/he/she is anchored alone three grapevines of support, the dismantlement of the retrotreno making possible in thirty minutes. To conjugate the demand to have a stable motorbike, balanced and manageable, of equal footstep with the already mentioned extension of the forcellone, the interasse (1.450 mms) and possible surrender the variation of inclination of the cannotto of steering gear of 1,5ツー has been shortened. To lower the baricentro and to find the space for the eighteen liters of the air playpen, the carburizing reservoir you/he/she has been replaced under the saddle. Under the coverage of the false reservoir it is hidden, besides the already mentioned air playpen, the feeding, submitted to an electronic injection with bodies farfallati from 50 mms with monoiniettori. Few is been able to do as it regards the final transmission in terms of weight. The needle of the balance marks more seventeen kilos, but few cares since for rule the general weight of the motorbike must not be inferior to the 190 Kgs to dry. Submitted to the by now irreplaceable computer, and for the exactness to the CAD (Computer Aider Design), sketches and calculations to plan the loom and numerous component ciclistici. Unchanged the classical positioning of the loom, a passing monotrave among the V of the cylinders, seen again in the characteristic measures and studied for optimizing, together with the forcellone, the operation of the they card. For his/her development a dima has been built straight, making possible possible reproductions of it. So many novelties for the propeller. Unlike the Daytona, so much to make a comparison to four valves in the house Guzzi, the bore you/he/she is passed by the 90 of the model of series to the 95 of the MAS 12, while the run has been unchanged to 78 mms, bringing the total capacity to 1.105 centimeters cubes. The change has six relationships against the five of the Daytona 1000. The cylinders show off headings to four valves with double camshafts in head commanded by toothed strap in rubber it frontally posts in comparison to the sense of march. The very settled cylinders and heads cooled to liquid I/you/they have been developed together with Gennari and Gattuso, obviously taking I already sprout from those existing and they contain to their inside the ducts for the passage of the refrigerant liquid. The radiator has immediately been positioned behind the anterior wheel, in the usual disposition unlike the prototype of Gennari & Gattuso on which was positioned under the saddle (and taken in loan by an enduro Gilera). The weight of the propeller, after the treatment of the Mandello Racing Team, it is of twelve kilos in less in comparison to the motor of the Daytona, coming to weigh as soon as 78 Kgs. Internally, the tree motor still works on bearings, done what the dispersion of power increases caused by the greatest attrition in comparison to the spheres pads, but that in the practice it implores vices of reliability. Nevertheless, "on the paper" the motor should develop next powers to the 120/130 horses beating to regimes of 11/11.500 turns / min. On the paper because, gives the completion of the motorbike behind the presentation, the time you/he/she is not had for verifying the theory on the bench dinamometrico yet. The enterprise has been supported by some sponsors that they have partly supplied the team of the support and the necessary pieces. To this you/he/she must be added that, to participate in every competition of the championship, a general cost has been esteemed for trasferta of around 1.000 European. The efforts of Tentorio, team manager and administrator of aerodynamics and graphics, of Sardinians, planner, pilot and collaudatore and of Hoe, mechanic and person responsible of the logistics, we believe they will be winning with the next official exit in footstep. According to the plans the motorbike will be introduced disguised as definitive to the competition of the championship Supertwins that October 3 rd 2004 will be held to Vallelunga, but it will show indeed to the following international of Assen (among the bicilindriches 2 and 4 valves) and to Daytona (in the category For Thunder). Opened Braccia and good reception to the sponsors that will do him before, therefore, and窶ヲ what win the best! IT INTERVIEWS TO SARDINIANS Two informal chatters with Sam Sardi have helped us to understand better what they have in mind the boys of the Mandello Racing Team. We have Found Sam intent to smanettare on the straps of the distribution. "This is the drawback to which we are working. - he/she explains us - The Mas12 climbs on pulleys from 26 teeth and the measures in commerce of the straps they reach 110, but they are short!" Plain Pian, dips there in the world of whom builds the run motorbikes in the garage of house. "Everything starts some years ago, when Anthony (Tentorio n.d.r.) has had an accident with his/her V11. For the reparation, you/he/she has brought her from Agostini of Mandello and it is there that Meme (Hoe) has known, also him owner of a V11. They is, as him suol to say, taken and you/they has decided to begin to race together窶ヲ" And' to that point that you have also entered scene you? "I have been contacted for a competition of the trophy Supertwins 2003, in which you/they raced with the motorbike of Emanuele. I have immediately realized that with a Guzzi of series would nearly have been impossible to bring to house of the results, so I have exposed my ideas and eccoci here." What was there of wrong in that motorbike? "Nothing, only that the Guzzis, in footstep, they have well few hopes of victory on the Dukedoms. Perlomeno with the loom of series. I was legionary from the positive experience with Ghezzi in 1996 and I knew that the loom changing something could be done. I had, in short, already in mind the project of the Mas12, but they missed the money to realize him/it." What do you tell us some others two? "Anthony is an aerodynamic planner and works in Germany on the Formula Toyotas 1. Meme works as mechanic from Agostini to Mandello. And' a type that speaks few, but when it does him/it it is with knowledge of cause and, above all, when sbotta is better not to be nearby him窶ヲ" Have you said that you already had in mind a prototype on basic Guzzi, from thing you have departed? "We have purchased a V11 incidentata and we have recovered some pieces of it, after that we have started with the sketches of the loom." Which have greatest tied up difficulties been to the development? "Biggest difficulty is to make to be everything in little space (laugh)! Taking I sprout from the MotoGP, we have built a ciclistica from the generous quotas. The damper has vertically been set and the idea for the leveraggis is inspired to the Honda RC211V. The tires are climbed on on you look for from 16,5", while the reservoir he extends under the saddle to centralize the mass. With these solutions, we risked to build indeed a very long motorbike." Is Qual the point of diamond of the whole job? "I think that the strong piece remains the retrotreno. The side plates of the loom, rechristen hams, I am flangie in iron from 12 mms cut to the laser and you fold up to S. To these platforms, forcellone and the strut of the damper are anchored. Strengths act on the plates leaving the in operation motor semiportante." What do you tell us some collaboration with Gattuso for the cooling to liquid? "In 1998, Gattuso made me try his/her Guzzi cooled to liquid and since then we have remained in contact. Our motorbike climbs on an evolution of that motor. To build his, Gattuso has taken I sprout from the motor Dukedoms. It had in fact also realized another run motorbike, a Dukedoms of 1.100 ccs 2 valves with 2 camshafts in head. It developed 117 Cvs and 14 Kgms of couple. It had the cooling to liquid and the call rubber bands valves. That experience, united to the passion for the Guzzis, you/he/she has done yes that Gattuso and Gennari undertook that adventure." What differences are there between the Mas12 and the motor of Gattuso? "We have taken the heads and we have optimized her. Then we have taken the plinth of the California to hydraulic aiming with the throws of oil under the pistons, and we have created a microcircuit drawn from sends her/it principal of the pomp of the oil." Who will the Mas12 drive in competition? "Probably Sotgiu. It goes strong and it already races in Supertwins." As the meeting you/he/she has happened with Ghezzi that has brought you to the victory in the class BoT? "I have been knowing Joseph for a lot of years. He/she thinks that his/her brother was in my same class to school. The adventure in the runs was born in 1992. In that year we have gotten an eighth time to Monza in the Italian BoT. Our motorbike didn't go badly, even if we aimed above all at the reliability. We had smart adversaries, but they often had mechanical problems. Joseph and I keep on feeling us thick and it are me of great help for the development of the Mas12."