Bibliography of Fat Tire Bike Articles


Moto-Bike: Off-Road Bicycle Built Like A Motorcycle [Popular Science August, 1974]


Built To Take It [Mariah/Outside, 1978]
Klunker Bikes: The Dirt Bicycle Comes Of Age [The CoEvolution Quarterly, Spring, 1978]
Pearl Pass Klunker Tour [Crested Butte Chronicle, September 29, 1978]
New California FadClunker Bikes [The Washington Post, October 8, 1978]


Klunkers Hit Among The Hills [Bicycling, 1979]
Strand Wars: The Cruisers [BMX Action, September, 1979]
Working Up An Appetite [City Sports, December, 1979]


Full Bore Cruisers [BMX Action, January, 1980]
BMX Plus! Test: The Ritchey Mountain Bike [BMX Plus!, February, 1980]
Why Cruisers? [BMX Plus!, February, 1980]
Rocky Mountain High [Bicycling, April, 1980]
Mountain Biking: The Off-Road to Happiness [Bicycle Dealer Showcase, May, 1980]
Cruisers: New Variations On An Old Theme [Bicycle Journal, June, 1980]
Klunker Capital Of The World [Pacific Sun, July 25, 1980]


A Rebirth For Big Bikes [City Sports, 1981]
Bicycle Report [Outdoor Retailer, 1981]
Repack Realities [Action Now, March, 1981]
Back Country Biking [Bicycling, May, 1981]
A Bike For All Seasons [Bicycle Dealer Showcase May, 1981]
Making It Big As ‘Cruiser Headquarters’ [American Bicyclist July, 1981]
Cruisers: Broad Market Appeal [American Bicyclist July, 1981]
Mountain Bikes: A Different Breed [American Bicyclist, July, 1981]
Mountain Biking: The Only Way To Fly [Bicycling News Canada Midsummer, 1981]
6th Annual Pearl Pass Tour Draws Cyclists [Crested Butte Chronicle September 18, 1981]
Making A Pass At Pearl [Crested Butte Chronicle September 25, 1981]
On The Scene: Bikes Once Considered To Be Losers Are Becoming Popular Cruisers [Sports Illustrated, October 26, 1981]
Back To Basics [National Outdoor Outfitters News November/ December, 1981]
Fat Tires Gaining Ground In West [Velo News November 13, 1981]
Off-Road Bikes: Cost vs Quality [The Tribune – San Diego Edition November 17, 1981]
Off-Road Bikes: More Than Make The Grade [CN&R November, 19, 1981]


Klunkers by Darryl Skrabak [The Bicycling Book The Dial Press, 1982]
Crested Butte To Aspen One More Time [Bicycling News Canada Spring, 1982]
Tough Two-Wheelers [Esquire, May, 1982]
The Future Now? [Bicycle Dealer Showcase May, 1982]
The Klunkers of Marin [Bicycling, June, 1982]
Styles For The Wilds [Bicycling June, 1982]
Klunker Kraziness [Crested Butte Magazine Summer, 1982]
Invasion Of The Bomber Bikes [San Francisco Chronicle September 15, 1982]
Pearl Pass Tour Is Growing Event [Crested Butte Chronicle September 17, 1982]
Charlie Kelly: Refining The Fat Tire [Crested Butte Chronicle September 17, 1982]
The Tour That Almost Wasn’t [Crested Butte Chronicle September 24, 1982]


The Joy Of New California Sport: Mountain Biking [Los Angeles Times January 11, 1983]
Ritchey Mountain Bike [Car&Driver, January, 1983]